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Corporate Programs


Bring the convenience of On The Spot Valet Cleaners to your office or condo. On The Spot gives corporations and organizations the opportunity to provide their staff with valued services and it offers condos the opportunity to increase their property value.

This section is for:
Condominium Boards · Property Managers (office building or condo) · Office Managers · HR Professionals · Security Companies · any person or organization who would like to know about how to set up a Corporate Program with On the Spot Valet Cleaners.

How we can help Corporations:

Make your company a better place to work: Reduce your employees’ stress and save them time.

Turnkey Implementation: Simply turn the key, sit back and watch us do all the work. Any employees that use our services will deal directly with us – your company assumes no liability or responsibility for the services we provide.

Save your employees’ money: We offer volume discounts.

Makes a great reward for employees: Use our services to reward a job well done or an employee of the month. Everyone appreciates a reward that makes his or her life easier.


How we can help Condominium Boards

Increase the property value of your Condominium: What could be more important to the owner of a condominium than increasing its value? Having a convenience service available to your condominium can be a major selling point for prospective buyers.

Make your Condo a better place to live: Reduce your Condominium members’ stress and save them time.

Get something for nothing: You will fulfill your mandate as a Condo Board by bringing a beneficial service to your Condominium without increasing condo fees.


How we can help Property Managers

Why not make our service a part of your service? We can help make your properties even more attractive to prospective tenants by bringing on-the-spot dry cleaning services to them.

Our high quality, cost effective dry cleaning combined with our three service levels means that we can satisfy all of your tenants dry cleaning needs.


Benefits for Security Companies

Concierge services are becoming the standard in the condominium industry. To help give your Security Company that competitive edge, include Dry Cleaning services as a part of your Concierge package. And by using On The Spot Valet Cleaners to provide your dry cleaning services you will be able to introduce a value added service without any cost incurred by you.

Even if you don’t currently offer Concierge services, we can still help you out. You can quickly and easily implement our Pick Up and Delivery services in any of your condominiums as a stand-alone concierge service.