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Green Clean - environmentally responsible Dry Cleaning


We have always taken great care to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using biodegradable plastics, offering reduced packaging options, issuing e-statements and reusing/recycling wherever we can.

That's why we are thrilled to be offering a new Green Clean option!

Our new Green Cleaning system uses highly-specialized non-toxic detergents combined with a patented circulating pump system to completely remove almost all stains. At the same time it is conditioning and protecting the garment with specialized non-toxic additives. And our state-of-the-art moisture control unit reduces energy consumption while bringing the garment to the exact humidity point needed for the fabric.

It is important to note that our Green Clean system is more labour intensive and takes significantly longer to clean your clothes than a standard Dry Cleaning system does. Please take a look at our price list to see how this has been reflected in our pricing.

How Do I Sign Up For GREEN CLEAN?
If you are a new client:

Please complete a registration form and select the appropriate Green Clean options.

If you are an existing client:

Please just email (help@onthespotcleaners.com) or call us (416.729.4533) and let us know what options you prefer:

Will Regular Dry Cleaning Still Be Available?

YES! We firmly believe in offering our customers as much choice and flexibility as possible. Please check out the Dry Cleaning options!

Can all of my clothes be Green Cleaned Safely?

According to the Green Clean manufacturer, any garment with a "Dry Clean Only" label can be cleaned with our Green Clean system. However, at On The Spot we believe in protecting our clients' clothes by doing our own due diligence. While we have been extremely pleased with the performance of the Green Clean system for almost all items, we have not had enough time to thoroughly test Stuctured Garments (most Jackets/Blazers and Wool Coats). We will not be using the Green Clean system for Structured Garments until we have completed our exhaustive testing and can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.